Slave, the winter is coming! Grey, Wet and Cold with no sun and no warmth.

Have you ever thought of escaping the coming winter into a wonderful Mediterranean summer? Considered spending time where Mistress April lives?

Apply for your stay with Mistress APRIL between November 2023 and March 2024.

You can spend beautiful moments at her feet, which can include the following!
– I can make you my sissy slave, making you take cock and be used as a whore to make me money.
– You can serve as my daily toilet for all my bodily function needs – a funnel and mouth spreader fixed to your face, tied to my portable toilet, just waiting and ready for me!
– I dont have a pet at the moment, you can be my dog in a cage, I can take you for walks, feed you the scraps, train you to fetch as well as obedience training.
– I can make you my pervert rubber doll, dressed in full latex suit serving me.
– You can be my maid, cleaning the house and fixing things and be punished every time you get it wrong.
– And the one that everyone wants to be, my entertaining sex toy that I can use and abuse as I so wish, fucking all your holes with different size dildo’s.
– I love CBT and I just want that brave slave who can take lots of abuse of his cock and balls… this would make me very happy
– I need guinea pigs for my torture experiments – you could be my lab rat!
– You could also be so lucky that you meet my slave rose and be forced to use and be abused by her.

Whatever your fantasies are, they are only one night flight away and affordable! Live at my feet in a safe and secure protected environment. Come to where the summer is and all your naughty fantasies become true for a few hours, days or even longer stays.

Tailor make your stay from 24 hours up to 5 days. Immerse yourself fully in the Mistress April Slave Training experience and live like her slave for the duration of your stay and experience Dominance first hand.

A standard 24 hour visit could include:
– Serving me my morning tea
– Being my toilet for my morning duties
– Household duties (cooking, cleaning, gardening)
– Being my entertainment for when I need to laugh
– My guinea pig for my medical experiments and torture tools
– Outside time
– Quiet time and meditation
– Exercise
– Assisting with my bathing and bedtime routine

For rates please enquirer via email. Your fee will depend on your needs. What I can guarantee is that here in South Africa you will get more for your money than at home.

Cape Town has lots to offer and you get more for your Euro! If adventure is part of your spirit, then this is place for you. And of course, I am there to add that extra spice to your vacation.

Apply for your stay with Mistress APRIL between November 2023 and March 2024.

Check out your calendar and see how cheap flights to Cape Town, South Africa are. Only limited time available. First come, first serve.

Send me your application. we will find suitable arrangements to give you the best holiday experience you ever could have dreamed of!

Your fantasies will become alive.