Store FAQ’s

Have a question about Mistress April’s Boutique Movie Store?

How do I buy a movie?

On the store page, select the movie you would like to purchase.

By clicking on the image you will be redirected to the details of the movie.

Here you will get information about the movie, a link to watch the trailer and the price. Here you can also add the product to your cart.

Once you have completed your “shopping” proceed to Check Out, complete your details and proceed to process your payment.

How do I pay?

Payment is processed via Inet.  Once you have confirmed your purchases in your cart, proceed to the checkout.

Complete the required fields and proceed to payment via Inet.  You have the option of using credit card or other payment methods.

Please Note: At times your credit card will not be processed when doing your payment. This is usually an issue with the bank or your banking gateway or the transaction is being flagged as fraud. If you have any of these issues and you want to complete your purchase, please contact me and we will make a plan for you to pay.

Inet will add a transaction fee to the movie price which you will see before payment is confirmed.

Once payment has been approved you will receive a notification via email from Inet, confirming your payment as well as from April Movie Boutique with the details of your payment as well as the link for download.

Alternative payment options are available like Crypto and PayP – please message me directly for information regarding these. All alternative payments take up to 12 hours for your to receive your downloadable link.

How do I download my purchased movie?

Once your payment has been confirmed and approved you will see a message on site as well as receive an email from April Movie Boutique with the details of your purchase and the downloadable link.

Copy and paste this link in your browser and download the movie onto your drive or phone. Usually when you paste into a tab in your browser it automatically starts to download – check your download folder.

The provided link is an individual “only for you” link that allows only you to download the movie.

Movies are watermarked to identify it as your personal copy.

The download link can be downloaded up to 3 times and expires after 7 days.

See below an example of what you will receive once you have processed your payment and it is confirmed. You can see the links which you need to copy and paste.

General information about the movies

All movies are downloaded as .mov files.

Movie resolution is 1080 HD quality. Some movies are in 720 HD resolution.

Size of a 1 hour movie is on average 5 gb in size. Files will take a while to download due to size and make sure you have sufficient storage space.

Trouble downloading your movie?

If you experience any issues downloading your movie or you received the incorrect link / movie, please send an email to

You should receive a response and assistance within 24 hours. Please be patient.

Have another question?

If you have a question relating to the store and the download of your movie or any general question relating to the website, please send an email to

If you have any questions relating to payment and the payment provider, Inet. Please send their support an email.