Daily Cane Procedure – Episode 2 trailer

Daily Cane Procedure – Episode 2 trailer


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Watch the trailer for Daily Caning Procedure episode 2

In this new series style movie, I take the opportunity to do educational slave training movies. In this first series, I am training my slave to take more cane strokes at higher intensities with not so much noise and screaming. I test different canes and the noise response I get from him when he is caned and I test his endurance to do more and more each time. Each episode in this series will attempt to push him more and hopefully achieve my goal. For slaves watching, its a good way to learn how to take what you deserve without so much drama and to give your Mistress the pleasure she seeks.

In Episode 2, I try to take things a step further, adding more canes and strokes and a different way to gag him, lets see how that works.

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